Monthly Archives: March 2011

To the Staff,

Where do I begin.  It’s been 13 months, 59 HBO Treatments, a few set backs, and many trips to this facility to finally come to this day. My eyes are swelled with tears at what your expertise in wound care knowledge has done for me. I consider you all friends and hope we keep in touch. I guess if I ever get lonely for you all, I can come for a visit. Please accept my gift to you all as a token of my appreciation. My family and I are forever grateful for your acts of kindness. I will keep you all in my heart.

Elaine K.


THANK YOU SALT LAKE WOUND CARE! Thank you to everyone at Salt Lake Wound Care for taking such great care of me for the past few months. You have all been so good to me and this treatment has really changed my life forever! Thank you to Shane for making me laugh and letting me play with your mustache. I would adopt you as my grandpa if such things were legal. Thanks  to Scott for telling me all your wonderful stories. Thanks to Mark for working so hard to keep me entertained back when I wasn’t loving my treatments. Thanks to Jimmy for making funny faces at me and making me smile. Thanks to Richard for making sure all these incredibly nice people are being nice to me. Thanks to all the ladies in the office for telling me how cute I am everyday.

Love,  Naomi

To Salt Lake Wound Care Staff- Barry and I want to give you a HUGE THANKS and let you know how much we have appreciated all the care and comfort you have extended to us over the last several months. Every single one of you  have done your utmost to help us in every way possible. We will always remember your kindness and professionalism!


Barry & Muriel