What Types of Wounds Does Salt Lake Wound Care Treat?

Salt Lake Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine treats all types of wounds. Specifically, venous ulcers and diabetic ulcers are the most common problems we see in our center. Pressure ulcers are quite common as well, although many of these patients are seen in the hospital or other long-term care facilities (for example, nursing homes). Each situation requires a different approach for healing; the specific treatment prescribed will depend on the stage and status of the wound. The patient’s general condition and other medical problems are considered, and insurance authorizations also play a part. Our centers are careful to consider any special requests and the referring physician or patient may have when deciding on a course of treatment.

At Salt Lake Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine, the referring physician and patient always have the final say. We will do our best to present all of the options and indicate the strengths of each one, even recommending those we think are the best. However, every physician and patient is encouraged to express concerns, questions, fears, etc., and will always be the final decision-makers. There are no repercussions from the staff for choosing or declining what we offer. We want to partner with the physician and patient to address any health concerns.


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